Landmark Forum Is Definitely Not A Cult

One of the criticisms or the Landmark forum is it being a cult. Many believe so because they could not understand how an individual can be passionate about the life altering effect of this forum. People who had immensely enjoyed the forum do have the tendency to rave and be passionate about it and would want to encourage others to join them in their new found journey in life. We could not blame them for being so because that only means that the Landmark education does really work wonders. But that is not to say that it is a cult.

One of the reasons why for some people it is considered as a cult is because they are ignorant about the whole landmark program. They do not understand what is behind the magical effect of the Landmark forum. It can be quite a mystery for them on how an individual can find happiness and positive outlook in life after just a few forums. The effect of the landmark program is very evident for those who embraced it and truly understands it. And once they do embrace it, almost all of them don?t turn their backs on it. That is why many who are ignorant would have the impression that it is a cult.

The Landmark program focuses on self confidence. It also makes you act on it the very first day that you have joined the Landmark forum. In a nutshell, the landmark program can be described by doing three simple things. They are choosing optimism, facing your fears by simply acting on it and making sure that you are surrounded by the right and positive people. The methodology of the Landmark education is something that is hard to explain if you are not into the program. But it is definitely worth the experience as it serves as a way to be a better you.

To be a better person would require great measures. Some may not be able to find the right path in life in their early years of life and get stuck in finding it all through their life. It is the goal of the Landmark forum to help these individuals. It does not tell you what to do but merely encourages you to take that extra step for that great measure to be a more effective and a better person. Many are skeptic because it does sound too good to be true. But if it is not true, one would wonder why many willingly chose to follow the path of the Landmark program.

The land mark forum is not a cult. It is not even a religion. It is just an effective vehicle for you to find your self-confidence and be a better person. The methodology may be hard to understand by others and could be hard to grasp at first if you are the skeptic type. But if you think about the benefits it will give you and the bright future you can achieve, would you honestly consider what the ignorant are saying?